Finding respect 

Thoughts: I had another great reminder recently about respect. I am always learning, and will continue to learn, what it means to show respect in various ways (to adults, to children, to fellow parents, to those in authority etc.). It’s not that I haven’t ever known how to show it, but I feel we are always learning and growing in love and respect for others. So we as adults are constantly learning and growing in those areas but are we passing that onto our kids??? 
Here is a little bit of info, our family is pro public school, pro private school, pro home schooling, and pro whatever schooling works for you and your family!!! We consist of a dad who attended public school, a mom who attended private school, and kids who have attended both private and home school. We are the type that will encourage whatever you have chosen for you and your child and we ask that those who encounter us will help encourage our education choice and our kids a long the way! We hope our kids encourage other kids and the other children, that come along, will encourage ours. 

We all know and encounter bullies throughout our lives , and we know there will always be those types that attack us for however we chose to school, but let’s try to counter act that and reinforce the act of encouragement within our children! Let’s be each others cheerleaders and let’s teach our kids to be that too! 
As the school year approaches, I hope you all have a great year as the parent, teacher, coach, or principal. Encourage the educators and the ones being educated, it is tough on both ends! (Parent rant over) 😅💛

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