The Treasure of giving

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“Live simply so that others may simply live.”Ghandi 

Though this isn’t a quote from a biblical scholar, it carries the idea of how, I feel, God wants us to live. Live simply, not extravagantly, not beyond our means, in order that we can give to others just so they can live, survive and thrive. 
Our money is not ours, it is God’s which He has blessed us with so we can bless others. It doesn’t mean you can’t bless your own family but make sure you have the resources to bless others as well.
Our bills are not our enemies, though they often feel like it, they are our “thank you notes”. Thank God for that house, that apartment, that mobile home payment you get to pay. Thank God for the hot and cold water options you have. Thank God for the food, clothing, and car payments you get to make. Thank God for being able to pay someone else’s rent, food, water bill etc. 
Thankful for the reminder to be generous on every occasion and during every season. It is a heart change and an attitude choice everyday to make. 💛 

2 thoughts on “The Treasure of giving

  1. Well said! I completely agree. This is something my parents taught me all of my life. They lived well, gave much, but lived simply, and God blessed them abundantly all of their lives. They never viewed what they had as theirs though, it was always God’s, and that made all the difference. I’m so thankful for that lesson. Love you guys! Marcia

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