The treasure of late night ramblings 

I have heard it said and I have said it before, what is generational and what is biblical? Biblical vs. generational? Are the lines getting blurred on both sides? Have people thrown biblical teachings away and labeled them generational when they are actually biblical? On the other side, have people grown up with a certain mindset, from a previous generation, and thought it biblical, but didn’t check it against the scriptures, in turn to find out it was generational? 

I, myself, find it troubling and sometimes blurred, the lines that are being drawn and laid before us. When I am being accused, am I being biblical or am I being generational? “Generational talk” and “generational segregation” is a real thing and it looks different every decade and century you go through. You find yourself thinking, is this a generational thought/argument or is this a biblical conviction/stance? 

No matter where these thoughts go or where these situations end up, I know to always go back to the scriptures, the Word. The Word has not changed through the generations, it is living and breathing and is the sword by which I live by. I am not going to lie though, it is a tough road to navigate, this highway called life. I struggle with those lines, generational or biblical? 

If anyone reads this, feel free to chime in, with your thoughts, generational or biblical, do you feel the struggle? 


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