Bad days

(Image from Pinterest)

So it has been a bad week. It has been multiple bad days. It has been many bad moments. It happens! 


When you decide to take a “vacation” from your troubles and go on Pinterest and begin scrolling through necklaces, Star Wars memes, diy projects and then you stumble across your friend’s board of how to deal with sores in your mouth while on chemo…

You hop on Facebook hoping to get the annoying issues in your head quiet and you begin in scroll as your friend posts the funeral announcement, for her son, who was killed in a car accident…

You go to work and deal with your aches and pains as your friend talks about her worries as she has not only found out there are massive growths in her liver but has found she is also pregnant in the midst of the uncertainty of her health…

You have a moment with your spouse regarding some “little” thing and then find out that one of your friend’s spouses has left them while the other friend’s marriage is on the rocks…

You have family drama and you let it get to you as you receive a text from a friend who is counting the hours and blessings she has with her dad not knowing what day will be his last due to cancer…

Yes this is life! Yes you will have bad days and that is okay! Yes you will hurt even with the “little” things and definitely with the “big” things but just remember that bad moments don’t mean bad days and bad days don’t mean bad lives and bad lives don’t mean a bad God. God sees you, He hears you and He loves you no matter what you are going through He hasn’t forgotten about you!

 Be kind though, most people would love to have your “bad day”.

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