New favorite find! Truth AND Love!!!

 I am so thankful that a friend shared this quote today! This has to be one of my most favorite quotes yet! You don’t have to be a fan of Beth Moore to appreciate this quote! My goodness this is spot on for our fellow Christians, for our world!!! 

Are there too many exclamations in this post?! No!!! We need to be convicted about who and what is feeding our responses to the world around us!! The only thing that will ever speak the absolute truth is the Word of God!! 

Recently a pastor pointed out that we have the tendency to assume the devil will be obvious like darkness vs light or evil vs good but really the devil will do whatever he can to mimic God, to ride that “gray” area. The devil will look like something/someone familiar and filled with love. 

You would think the devil would look so different  in his schemes and so obvious but why would the devil want to be obvious about his enticements? He wouldn’t, he is the father of deceit, the father of lies and he will do everything he can to make you think you are still “walking in the truth” when really you are walking in “the clone of truth.” Clones are not the real thing, they are made to look like the real thing. The enemy, the devil is not the real thing, only Christ is the real thing, the real Savior for us!

How do we know and how do we recognize what is the truth and what is the clone of truth? We have to go back to the Word of God! Go back to the scriptures and see what God says! As you do that you will prayerfully learn to walk in BOTH truth and love! Don’t be scared to walk in truth because the more you read and understand the truth, the more the love will come naturally flowing out of you! God is love and God is truth, without His truth there is no love. 

Warning: Walking in both truth and love might cause uprisings and unpopularity with large groups of people. Do you have the courage to do so??

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