Starved for a big cup of conversation

I am starved for a good conversation.

Seriously that is the truth.

It sounds simple but it actually seems to be quite complicated. It also may come across that I am lonely, in the sense that I don’t have any friends, but I actually have quite a few. I just would like to have a nice, sit down, chat.

Here is the deal, out of the numerous people in my life, I can only count a handful, that will fully engage in a conversation. Now please don’t think of this as selfish or egocentric need for “all about me time.” I sincerely mean where both parties exchange a nice interaction of words, balanced on both sides, along with normal eye contact (not some creepy look of course).

So what I am encountering these days is a huge amount of overload. The overload that I am experiencing is either the person is completely engrossed in their phone, enthralled with their surroundings, or immersed with the musings of their own minds, they are so charged on sensory overload that they can’t processes any sort of conversation.

I am also seeing quite a lot of insincerity, even from people that I don’t think mean to convey that. There are many different factors to “blame” this indifferent attitude on. We daily encounter such a roller coaster of emotions in our world, that we have become numb to any response whether it be negative or positive, small or large. We also are pushing to get our point across that our reaction, to others insight, comes off as uninterested. There is the brutal fact that they just don’t care because they don’t have time to care, or they don’t want to devote their energy to caring.

What needs to be said is, I am guilty of falling trap to most, if not all of the above issues as well. I have days where I might be guilty of one of more of these actions without even being aware of it. That being said, I am still starved for a good conversation. A good conversation, also, does not appear anywhere on social media. That is a type of conversing but I wouldn’t call the quality “good”.

It would be great to sit down at a coffee shop, drink coffee, discuss what’s going on in life, and not look at the phone once. Let’s sit down at the dining room table and discuss the latest book you have read or movie you have seen instead of sitting in silence, waiting for the moment to be over. How about we grab some tea, lounge on the couch and fight through the tears or embrace the laughter of our heart’s stories?!

I am starved for a good conversation.

Seriously that is the truth.

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