Receiving grace upon grace


Out of the whispers of my heart came a request, years in the making.It was a quiet thing just between me and God. I knew it would take something big to make it happen, you might even say a miracle, but I prayed specifically about it for months. Yesterday, it was laid on someone’s heart and it happened. It took my breath away I was so shocked.


Out of the whispers in my head, another situation presented itself and then came insecurities and doubt, months upon months they built. I pushed them away but they began to speak poison to my heart. Yesterday, I received a gift of a conversation, from someone, that addressed the cracks in my heart, and the love behind them came like the warmth of the sun. 


Both of these moments were gifts. None of it had to do with anything I had done to deserve it. All of it had to do with grace. Only One knew of my heart ache. Only One knew of my prayers. Only One could bestow a miracle, bestow grace and love. 


The only One was God and He reached out and showed me that He loves me, despite my short comings. He hears me, sees me, knows me, loves me, and continually extends grace upon grace. 


My goodness He is real! 


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