Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Report

Did you see the Super Bowl LIV ‘s half time performance?

Yes, it was awesome to note the Latin vibe and it’s representation.

Yes, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are talented and gifted performers.

Yes, it was awesome to see how they included the young kids…or was it?!

No! No it wasn’t!

In a world where sex trafficking is rampant and the #metoo movement is everywhere, I ask myself, how was tonight’s performance beneficial for those causes?

Tonight’s performance was NOT! Tonight’s performance was NOT pro-women! If anything the costumes, the poles, the cages, the ropes, all enforced and encouraged the behavior that we are trying get rid of! We are not objects, we are not caged creatures, or objects that should be tied up! It only visually enhanced the desired behavior of sex trafficking and of sexual assault.

If this is what we display, how can we tell young girls that we are standing with them, protecting them, and protecting their future? How do we teach young men respect when all we do is disrespect ourselves in front of them?

Tonight’s halftime show was NOT pro-women. Don’t believe it! Don’t buy into it!

You were created for so much more than this!! I encourage you, both men and women, to be beautiful by treasuring the creation that you are and who you are meant to be!

Your Creator, designed you to be so much more than the object the world says you are! I went down a long and challenging road to learn that what the world says is good and beautiful, is detrimental and gut wrenching. Don’t fall for it!!

Be classy.

Be treasured.

Be beautiful.

Stand up and honor your Creator by honoring yourself and others.

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“That person”

Don’t you hate being known as “that person”? 

“That person”, the one who loses it at the end of the day in tears. “That person”, the one who loses it because of someone else’s actions. “That person”, the one who everyone is waiting to see when the fuse will be lit. “That person”, the one who they expect some kind of reaction from. “That person”, who collapses due to insecurities and weakness. 

What if I could be known as “that person” who is known for the positive instead of the negative?

“That person”, who overcomes the day. “That person”, who rises above the challenging person. “That person”, who doesn’t accept defeat but accepts victory through grace, kindness and love in response. “That person” who smiles in the face difficulty. 

I so desire to be “that person” who exemplifies Christ’s grace, mercy, love, kindness, and forgiveness. I also desire to be “that person” who exemplifies Christ’s strength in me where I do not fall apart and I do not crumble in my own insecurities. The only way I can truly be victorious is through Him so I can become “that person” who He has created me to be, not who I have created, in and through  Christ, His strength will be seen.

 Look for me, I am going to become “that person.”