The treasure of encouragement 

My motto is “Choose Joy” even though I do mourn, weep and cry I still try to fall on the choice of joy. Sometimes I think I comment too much on things or “like” too many things on social media but my goodness why not?! Life truly is bombarded with so much junk, negativity, and just too many bad days so why not be the encourager in this world? Where there is Jesus, there is joy! Don’t post things to show perfection in your life (which there isn’t) but post to show the beauty, grace and joy which your God has given you. God has equipped you to be the cheerleader in your life and in others! 💛☀️ Have a great day!


Advent: the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Yesterday we began Day 1 of Advent. We were given a beautiful advent book called Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. The book begins with the stump of Jesus’ family, the Jesse family tree. As we begin to see a sprig of hope grow from this tangled mess of a family, our anticipation grows awaiting the birth of our Savior.

“Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot- yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root…In that day the heir to David’s throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to him, and the land where he lives will be a glorious place.” Isaiah 11:1,10

I would encourage you to begin this journey with us as advent continues. Along with this beautiful book, Ann provides free downloads or purchases of the ornaments that correspond with the book at or

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

“Hello my name is” part three

you are special

  You are Special is a children’s book beautifully written by Max Lucado. It’s leading character, Punchinello, lives in a village where, if you are “bad”, strange, or different, you are given dots by the other townspeople.  If you are “good”, beautiful, or acceptable, you are given stars. The townspeople walk up to each other and place these stickers upon one another as to inform them that they are either acceptable or unacceptable.

One day Punchinello meets a girl who has neither stars or dots and asks how that is possible. She informs him that she has visited the wood carver, their creator, and so Punchinello decides to do so as well. During his visit with the woodcarver, they discuss this situation with the dots, stars, and townspeople and the woodcarver goes to explain that it doesn’t matter what the people think of him but what his creator thinks of him. He proceeds to tell him that he thinks he is special, and he needs to find value in his worth; that the creator put in him and let go of the judgments passed on by others.

Hello my name is Value, Worth, and I am special!

DVD Treasure find: Mom’s Night Out

“I’m a Mess.  But I’m a Beautiful Mess.  I’m His Masterpiece, and that’s Enough.” – Mom’s Night Out Watched this treasure tonight. Recommend it highly!!! To moms everywhere, you are not alone. This is a lighthearted, family friendly, hilarious movie … Continue reading



As we were driving home my daughter looked out the window and said, “Look at the stars mom!” I replied about how pretty they were but how I miss when I was a child and could see so many more. She agreed that she wanted it to be that way as well. An idea came to her, “I wish there was a day, like every month or year, when everyone in the country has to turn off all of the lights and just stare at the stars.”

How true was that statement?! Our light pollution makes such a haze that it is difficult to truly appreciate and see the beauty of our universe. It made me think that it applies to even so much more. Let’s not stop at turning off the lights, let’s turn off the sounds as well. Turn off or unplug anything that creates distractions and takes away from the creation and beauty that surrounds us. Whether it is a television, phone, or ipod, turn off or unplug and listen. Listen to the wind, rain, snow, crickets, and birds.

We need to learn to unplug in order to plug in to our Creator. There is so much in nature that He can speak through, to show us or teach us. There is so much in nature that He has just to remind us to breathe and be with Him, covered in peace and beauty. Sometimes it takes a quiet car ride in order to listen to that gift of a child’s voice to speak volumes to our heart.

Today’s Treasure: Joy!

Today’s Treasure: Joy!

For the first time, our family took a trip to Farrell’s Ice cream in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. What an experience it was! The moment we came in the hostess began to laugh as we stood there, eyes glazed, mouths open, taking in the sights and sounds. The place was rocking. Every corner you look there were people singing, laughing, taking pictures, and even dancing amidst all of the scrumptious food.  The whole experience was a bit of sensory overload.
There were moments my daughter had to cover her ears because the volume was too much. I appreciated her sensitivity and know it was physically painful for her and yet to me it was such a wake up call. We are bogged down with everyday life and normal routine. We are overwhelmed by stress filled jobs and busy families. We are distraught by the travesties of the world around us. What can we do when our lives become that blustery, Winnie the Pooh type or even worse, the Dorothy tornado nightmare fearing you might just “kill” someone along the way?
Being in Farrell’s made me quite hungry and thirsty though I was surrounded by such wonderful treats. It wasn’t a hunger for food but had a craving for the joy. The happiness and joy in the people’s faces both working there and visiting were such a beautiful reminder. No matter what was happening on the outside of that restaurant, people found a place where they could relax and remember to appreciate the moments that were there ready to embrace.
Have we forgotten to “stop and smell the roses”? Are we so caught up in the whirlwind of life to settle down for a second? Are we in a disconnect with our social networking that we are missing the natural beauty of friendships and relationships? Let’s challenge ourselves to breathe, relax, appreciate, enjoy the seconds that may even be a whisper or drop of joy.
Go find your joy! Choose it! Appreciate the light within the darkness and run to it.  As said in a song by Jesus Culture, “There may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning…”.
My joy comes from The Lord and He loves to give us treasures, moments where He speaks to us whether of peace, love, wisdom, or in this case joy. He met me today in a loud and crazy restaurant. Where will He meet you? Image