I have a question and I beg you to answer it! I want to hear from you but please stick to the question at hand.

According to you: Are babies born from Divine Intervention or are they born from the sins of man?

My take: If they are born from Divine Intervention then ALL babies are purposeful, thought of, and are not an accident, made by their Creator. If they are born from the sins of man then they are ALL consequences, ripple effects of the cause and effect of sin and can therefore be categorized as accidents or unwanted troubles which we keep dealing with from generation to generation.

So which one?

Ever After High

We just finished decorating for my daughter’s Ever After High, tea party and sleepover. This theme was such a blast to decorate for I had to share it!

Black and white banner- Target

Gold dots- recycled from a wedding

Black and white fabric and teal – JoAnne’s

Ever After High dolls- Target

Ever After High books- Barnes and Noble and Target

Gold and black chargers- 99c store

Gold candlesticks (recycled from wedding)- Hobby Lobby

Plates and napkins- Walmart

Food- mini teal cake, meringue cookies, Pepperidge Farm cookies, tea sandwiches, Funfetti cupcakes, and Teavana tea

Gift boxes and tissue paper- Target

Bronzed keys- Hobby Lobby

Ever After High symbol-







“Hello my name is” part three

you are special

  You are Special is a children’s book beautifully written by Max Lucado. It’s leading character, Punchinello, lives in a village where, if you are “bad”, strange, or different, you are given dots by the other townspeople.  If you are “good”, beautiful, or acceptable, you are given stars. The townspeople walk up to each other and place these stickers upon one another as to inform them that they are either acceptable or unacceptable.

One day Punchinello meets a girl who has neither stars or dots and asks how that is possible. She informs him that she has visited the wood carver, their creator, and so Punchinello decides to do so as well. During his visit with the woodcarver, they discuss this situation with the dots, stars, and townspeople and the woodcarver goes to explain that it doesn’t matter what the people think of him but what his creator thinks of him. He proceeds to tell him that he thinks he is special, and he needs to find value in his worth; that the creator put in him and let go of the judgments passed on by others.

Hello my name is Value, Worth, and I am special!