Ever After High

We just finished decorating for my daughter’s Ever After High, tea party and sleepover. This theme was such a blast to decorate for I had to share it!

Black and white banner- Target

Gold dots- recycled from a wedding

Black and white fabric and teal – JoAnne’s

Ever After High dolls- Target

Ever After High books- Barnes and Noble and Target

Gold and black chargers- 99c store

Gold candlesticks (recycled from wedding)- Hobby Lobby

Plates and napkins- Walmart

Food- mini teal cake, meringue cookies, Pepperidge Farm cookies, tea sandwiches, Funfetti cupcakes, and Teavana tea

Gift boxes and tissue paper- Target

Bronzed keys- Hobby Lobby

Ever After High symbol- http://www.everafterhigh.com








Advent: the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Yesterday we began Day 1 of Advent. We were given a beautiful advent book called Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. The book begins with the stump of Jesus’ family, the Jesse family tree. As we begin to see a sprig of hope grow from this tangled mess of a family, our anticipation grows awaiting the birth of our Savior.

“Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot- yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root…In that day the heir to David’s throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to him, and the land where he lives will be a glorious place.” Isaiah 11:1,10

I would encourage you to begin this journey with us as advent continues. Along with this beautiful book, Ann provides free downloads or purchases of the ornaments that correspond with the book at http://www.incourage.me or http://www.annvoskamp.com.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

“Hello my name is” part three

you are special

  You are Special is a children’s book beautifully written by Max Lucado. It’s leading character, Punchinello, lives in a village where, if you are “bad”, strange, or different, you are given dots by the other townspeople.  If you are “good”, beautiful, or acceptable, you are given stars. The townspeople walk up to each other and place these stickers upon one another as to inform them that they are either acceptable or unacceptable.

One day Punchinello meets a girl who has neither stars or dots and asks how that is possible. She informs him that she has visited the wood carver, their creator, and so Punchinello decides to do so as well. During his visit with the woodcarver, they discuss this situation with the dots, stars, and townspeople and the woodcarver goes to explain that it doesn’t matter what the people think of him but what his creator thinks of him. He proceeds to tell him that he thinks he is special, and he needs to find value in his worth; that the creator put in him and let go of the judgments passed on by others.

Hello my name is Value, Worth, and I am special!

DVD Treasure find: Mom’s Night Out

“I’m a Mess.  But I’m a Beautiful Mess.  I’m His Masterpiece, and that’s Enough.” – Mom’s Night Out Watched this treasure tonight. Recommend it highly!!! To moms everywhere, you are not alone. This is a lighthearted, family friendly, hilarious movie … Continue reading

Treasures of history

This summer our family went on a trip to the east coast. We started in Boston, Massachusetts and then ended in Yorktown, Virgina. It was one of my favorite things we have ever done. Our children have been studying US History via A Living History of Our World series by Angela O’Dell. They studied the Civil War through the Revolutionary war last year and so we took them on a grand field trip of sorts to see those places they studied. What an experience it was. One of my favorite stops on the route was Salem, Massachusetts. We studied the famous witch trials that took place there and so we decided to make that one of our stops. The memorial of the trial was sad and a wonderful reminder of how important it is to learn of our history in order to not let it repeat itself. The witch trials and all of the “witch” themed places however, were not the reason that it became a favorite. I am from a state and town where not much history is preserved and so the appreciation of that preservation is huge in my book. Such a quaint town Salem turned out to be. So many old cobblestone roads, original houses of the many sailors and captains that lived in them hundreds of years a go, and such a peaceful, calm air within the town which I find not only refreshing but ironic due to the town’s history of pain and chaos. Another gem of the town was the fact that the Nathaniel Bowditch family lived there. If you haven’t read the 6th grade book of Carry On Mr. Bowditch, I encourage you to do that. He was an amazing man who was self-taught and saved many a sailor’s life. I encourage you to not take for granted the hidden history that may be in your backyard!

* A Living History of Our World can be purchased online at https://www.queenshomeschooling.com/

* Carry On Mr. Bowditch was written by Jean Lee Latham

Waters by Salem

Waters of Salem


Finding: The Life Source

I went to visit a friend yesterday and we were discussing how overwhelmed we have both become with not only our everyday life but also the lives of others. We both have gone through our valleys and mountains and our friends and family are going through those as well. The world has just one disaster after the other happening every day. We realized how we could just get wrapped up in the fear of it all. Running from it all and hiding until it’s time to come out and “be safe”.

We then proceeded to talk about “our life source” and the reason we can live without fear and smile with hope in our eyes. She looked at me earnestly and said, “I can’t live without God.” She explained that she recognizes her need for Her Savior and that He has saved her, for when she dies she will spend eternity in heaven with Him but she, at this moment, was acknowledging the fact that she needed Him as much here on earth. We both spoke of the fact that we could not and would not want to try to go through our difficulties without Him. We wouldn’t know what to do. Who to talk to that would provide the answers that He does through prayer and scriptures. We wouldn’t feel the ultimate comfort or protection that only He can provide. We couldn’t experience the healing that only He can do.

God is our life source! He is the Living Water. He is the Bread of Life. He is what people are searching, hungry, and thirsty for. I choose to not live without Him! I can’t imagine a life without Him! What is your life source? Is it enough? Is it filling you? Is it supplying you with what your life needs? Are you thirsty, hungry, or searching for more? Find out about this Jesus. He has been waiting for you!

Below is an excerpt from a site I visit daily, Our Daily Bread. I really appreciated, as always, today’s devotional.

“Throughout my life, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I have boxes of things that at one time were important but over time have lost their intrigue. And, as an unrepentant collector, I’ve realized that the thrill is in searching for and acquiring a new piece to add to the collection. Then my attention turns toward the hunt for the next item.

While we pile up many things that are important to us, very little of it is really precious. In fact, over time I have learned that the most precious things in life are not material items at all. Rather, it’s the people who have loved me and built into my life who are precious. When I find my heart saying, “I don’t know what I’d do without them,” I know that they are indeed precious to me.

So when Peter refers to Jesus as “a chief cornerstone, elect, precious” (1 Peter 2:6), it should resonate in our hearts that He is truly precious—our prized possession above everything and everyone else.” –  All That is Precious by Joe Stowell


Life Source