International Women’s Day 2019

We are women because of our God, our Savior, our Father We have power because of His power We are leaders because He is our leader We are gifted because of Him We are strong because of His strength We … Continue reading

Seeing the green army men

Here you are sitting at the table, talking to your teenage son about his future goals and it hits you, the realization that you can’t protect him anymore. It’s naive to think you ever were truly protecting him but in … Continue reading


I have a question and I beg you to answer it! I want to hear from you but please stick to the question at hand.

According to you: Are babies born from Divine Intervention or are they born from the sins of man?

My take: If they are born from Divine Intervention then ALL babies are purposeful, thought of, and are not an accident, made by their Creator. If they are born from the sins of man then they are ALL consequences, ripple effects of the cause and effect of sin and can therefore be categorized as accidents or unwanted troubles which we keep dealing with from generation to generation.

So which one?

DVD Treasure find: Mom’s Night Out

“I’m a Mess.  But I’m a Beautiful Mess.  I’m His Masterpiece, and that’s Enough.” – Mom’s Night Out Watched this treasure tonight. Recommend it highly!!! To moms everywhere, you are not alone. This is a lighthearted, family friendly, hilarious movie … Continue reading

Last Friday I Saw Courage

Last Friday I saw courage.

I saw courage in my daughter’s eyes.

I saw courage in my daughter’s steps.

I saw courage in my daughter’s face.

I saw courage in my daughter and it was beautiful.


It was an evening of pies and poems for our home school group. Each child came up on stage, in front of a mic, in front of 100 people, and said their poem.

It was the first time my daughter had ever been on stage alone. She was scared all week but determined to do it when the time came. There was no pressure from us, just encouragement to try if she could. She boldly approached the stage when the time came but as the words came out, the tears did as well, and she shook her head as to say “no”, she was not going to do it and then left the stage while everyone clapped for the effort that was put forth.

Her father and I quickly followed her out the door and joined her in the hallway to comfort her and tell her we were proud of her for trying but understood it was a scary thing to do. Quickly her friends came out to join her and comfort her. One sweet girl pointed out that God would always be with her to give her strength and she would never be alone.

We eventually all came back in side to finish the rest of the evening, but as we did, I saw my daughter, walk up to the lady in charge of the event and ask if she could try again. I was shocked, but so very proud. That sweet, brave girl, marched back up to that stage, spoke boldly into that microphone, and said her complete poem from start to finish. The crowd applauded in a loud applause, recognizing the courage it took for her to return.

What a proud mama I was! What a gift for Mother’s Day weekend it was.

Last Friday, I saw courage in my daughter and it was beautiful!




As we were driving home my daughter looked out the window and said, “Look at the stars mom!” I replied about how pretty they were but how I miss when I was a child and could see so many more. She agreed that she wanted it to be that way as well. An idea came to her, “I wish there was a day, like every month or year, when everyone in the country has to turn off all of the lights and just stare at the stars.”

How true was that statement?! Our light pollution makes such a haze that it is difficult to truly appreciate and see the beauty of our universe. It made me think that it applies to even so much more. Let’s not stop at turning off the lights, let’s turn off the sounds as well. Turn off or unplug anything that creates distractions and takes away from the creation and beauty that surrounds us. Whether it is a television, phone, or ipod, turn off or unplug and listen. Listen to the wind, rain, snow, crickets, and birds.

We need to learn to unplug in order to plug in to our Creator. There is so much in nature that He can speak through, to show us or teach us. There is so much in nature that He has just to remind us to breathe and be with Him, covered in peace and beauty. Sometimes it takes a quiet car ride in order to listen to that gift of a child’s voice to speak volumes to our heart.

Embracing your role

There are days as moms that we can sometimes feel lost, unequipped, weak, or insecure. I totally can sympathize because I have those days as well. I have moments where I can look into their sweet faces and say ,”Are you sure I am your mom? Are you sure I am supposed to be here? Did someone forget to give me instructions?”.

I don’t know how many times I think I have scarred them for life or done them a disservice with a stupid choice I have made or word I have said. It is easy to look at my close friends and think what a perfect job they are doing with their children who for sure will grow up well adjusted and President of the United States. To think with me as a mom, my children will go through years of therapy and then proceed to some network talk show where I will find out the “great” job I have done.

We have those days don’t we? We have those fears, wondering who and what our children will become. Those are thoughts of insecurity, self doubt, and fear and they are far from the truth. Yes, we make mistakes and yes, we are not perfect (Here is a secret: That lady that dresses her kids all matching without a hair out of place? She is not perfect either!) but God doesn’t make mistakes. Our God made you the mama of that child for a reason, whether you are the birth mom or the adoptive mom, and you are the exact person to love on them, teach them, comfort them, and be their number one fan.

Embrace who you are in Christ! Find strength in Him and comfort that He does not make mistakes. Enjoy your role as a mother with all it means. You will fail, but what matters most is how you finish the race and what legacy you will leave!

“Don’t live in the motherhood box of someone else’s gifts. Be the mom God made you to be.”-