Time of Thanksgiving


November, a time of Thanksgiving, when we sit together and reflect on our year, what we are thankful for, and come together and share a meal with family and friends.

Step away from the turkey for a second this Thanksgiving and think about, talk about, reflect on , pray about , and give to some great organizations that are doing all they can to provide for those in difficult circumstances.

I challenge you, sit down at your Thanksgiving dinner, and discuss these three organizations with your family and friends and then choose one to give to this Holiday season.

http://www.mercyhousekenya.org –  An Organization in Kenya providing protection, care, counseling, and health care for women surrounded by slavery, aids,  and unwanted pregnancies.

http://freethegirls.org-  A group giving women a great opportunity to escape human trafficking around the world and have a new life.

http://www.ijm.org- A human rights agency that rescues men, women, and children from slavery and oppression of every kind.