Finding Security in the Storm

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. —Psalm 4:8

“Now I know the greatest security of all: God Himself. I can “lie down in peace, and sleep” (Ps. 4:8), knowing that He is my shelter from the stinging storms of life. Enveloped in the warmth of His love, I’m snug as a bug in a rug.”- Our Daily Bread


Finding Grace

{If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking – David Crowder}
This morning’s reading in ODB (Our Daily Bread) said, “God desires that we deal ‘graciously’ (Ps. 112:5) with those in need, for His heart is gracious toward us.”
There are so many needs within our world that we know, poverty, illnesses, homelessness, but what about those that we don’t know.
What about your neighbor who yells at your kids to stay off her lawn? What about your friend who cuts off communication and you don’t know why? What about the sister who hides behind that smile?
I read today’s Daily Bread and recognized the hidden problems of those in need. We have neighbors, friends, and family who could be experiencing great pain from things that are happening or have had happen in their lives. They are in need of comfort, prayer, and a listening ear.
No matter how those that are hurting treat you, with a fake grin or even anger, deal graciously!!!! You have no idea what they are dealing with and they just need that ocean of grace to cover them. Happy Friday my friends! Oh how He loves us!!!!💙

Finding: The Life Source

I went to visit a friend yesterday and we were discussing how overwhelmed we have both become with not only our everyday life but also the lives of others. We both have gone through our valleys and mountains and our friends and family are going through those as well. The world has just one disaster after the other happening every day. We realized how we could just get wrapped up in the fear of it all. Running from it all and hiding until it’s time to come out and “be safe”.

We then proceeded to talk about “our life source” and the reason we can live without fear and smile with hope in our eyes. She looked at me earnestly and said, “I can’t live without God.” She explained that she recognizes her need for Her Savior and that He has saved her, for when she dies she will spend eternity in heaven with Him but she, at this moment, was acknowledging the fact that she needed Him as much here on earth. We both spoke of the fact that we could not and would not want to try to go through our difficulties without Him. We wouldn’t know what to do. Who to talk to that would provide the answers that He does through prayer and scriptures. We wouldn’t feel the ultimate comfort or protection that only He can provide. We couldn’t experience the healing that only He can do.

God is our life source! He is the Living Water. He is the Bread of Life. He is what people are searching, hungry, and thirsty for. I choose to not live without Him! I can’t imagine a life without Him! What is your life source? Is it enough? Is it filling you? Is it supplying you with what your life needs? Are you thirsty, hungry, or searching for more? Find out about this Jesus. He has been waiting for you!

Below is an excerpt from a site I visit daily, Our Daily Bread. I really appreciated, as always, today’s devotional.

“Throughout my life, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I have boxes of things that at one time were important but over time have lost their intrigue. And, as an unrepentant collector, I’ve realized that the thrill is in searching for and acquiring a new piece to add to the collection. Then my attention turns toward the hunt for the next item.

While we pile up many things that are important to us, very little of it is really precious. In fact, over time I have learned that the most precious things in life are not material items at all. Rather, it’s the people who have loved me and built into my life who are precious. When I find my heart saying, “I don’t know what I’d do without them,” I know that they are indeed precious to me.

So when Peter refers to Jesus as “a chief cornerstone, elect, precious” (1 Peter 2:6), it should resonate in our hearts that He is truly precious—our prized possession above everything and everyone else.” –  All That is Precious by Joe Stowell

Life Source