Last Friday I Saw Courage

Last Friday I saw courage.

I saw courage in my daughter’s eyes.

I saw courage in my daughter’s steps.

I saw courage in my daughter’s face.

I saw courage in my daughter and it was beautiful.


It was an evening of pies and poems for our home school group. Each child came up on stage, in front of a mic, in front of 100 people, and said their poem.

It was the first time my daughter had ever been on stage alone. She was scared all week but determined to do it when the time came. There was no pressure from us, just encouragement to try if she could. She boldly approached the stage when the time came but as the words came out, the tears did as well, and she shook her head as to say “no”, she was not going to do it and then left the stage while everyone clapped for the effort that was put forth.

Her father and I quickly followed her out the door and joined her in the hallway to comfort her and tell her we were proud of her for trying but understood it was a scary thing to do. Quickly her friends came out to join her and comfort her. One sweet girl pointed out that God would always be with her to give her strength and she would never be alone.

We eventually all came back in side to finish the rest of the evening, but as we did, I saw my daughter, walk up to the lady in charge of the event and ask if she could try again. I was shocked, but so very proud. That sweet, brave girl, marched back up to that stage, spoke boldly into that microphone, and said her complete poem from start to finish. The crowd applauded in a loud applause, recognizing the courage it took for her to return.

What a proud mama I was! What a gift for Mother’s Day weekend it was.

Last Friday, I saw courage in my daughter and it was beautiful!


The Attic

Image Picture by Härmägeddon via Wikimedia Commons

One of my favorite poets, Shel Silverstein, wrote about an attic. An attic of not the usual brick and mortar type but of the human brain.

A Light in the Attic

“There’s a light on in the attic.

Though the house is dark and shuttered,

 I can see a flickerin’ flutter….”

Shel Silverstein A Light in the Attic

The majority of the time my light is on in my attic but to know how bright it will shine, well that is just a daily gamble. As a mom, some days my light is more of a dim haze due to whatever lengths I have taken to keep my family’s ship a float.

Seeing as how I am in the early mid years of life, still many of years to look forward to but many years to look back and glean from, I have gained a bit of a collection in my attic that is quite the assortment to sift through.

I grab my coffee or tea many days, hoping it will help crank up the wattage and get my brain working. My attic, where will it take me? A time of prayer? A snippet of a favorite verse, book, or poem? A family moment or memory? A replay of a movie, production, or TV show? Or one of those times where it takes your breathe away?

Everyone’s attic’s have those scary, science class, skeletons in them or the trash filled, moldy boxes, all of which we hope no one sees, fearing we will scare them or disgust them. Whatever you find in your attic, cherish it or throw it out but crank up the wattage and see what treasures you have hidden in there because you never know what you are going to find, I know I sure don’t.

Welcome to my attic. Pardon the cobwebs!