An inexpensive find

My husband is a principal and we are often out shopping for gifts for the staff at his school. We are always on the lookout for something we can buy in bulk, visually looks nice, is useful, and is inexpensive. This is our week’s find for teacher appreciation and it is even in the school colors.

One green and white coffee mug purchased from the 99 cent store, stuffed with white tissue paper also from the 99 cent store, and last but not least a five dollar Starbucks gift card laid in the mug. Our little note attached on the outside (meaning to look like a tea bag) was a free download from and the ribbon was also from the 99 cent store.


An inexpensive thank you gift

Total cost: $8

Mug: $1

tissue paper: $1

Ribbon: $1

Gift card: $5

Gift tag: Free