Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Report

Did you see the Super Bowl LIV ‘s half time performance?

Yes, it was awesome to note the Latin vibe and it’s representation.

Yes, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are talented and gifted performers.

Yes, it was awesome to see how they included the young kids…or was it?!

No! No it wasn’t!

In a world where sex trafficking is rampant and the #metoo movement is everywhere, I ask myself, how was tonight’s performance beneficial for those causes?

Tonight’s performance was NOT! Tonight’s performance was NOT pro-women! If anything the costumes, the poles, the cages, the ropes, all enforced and encouraged the behavior that we are trying get rid of! We are not objects, we are not caged creatures, or objects that should be tied up! It only visually enhanced the desired behavior of sex trafficking and of sexual assault.

If this is what we display, how can we tell young girls that we are standing with them, protecting them, and protecting their future? How do we teach young men respect when all we do is disrespect ourselves in front of them?

Tonight’s halftime show was NOT pro-women. Don’t believe it! Don’t buy into it!

You were created for so much more than this!! I encourage you, both men and women, to be beautiful by treasuring the creation that you are and who you are meant to be!

Your Creator, designed you to be so much more than the object the world says you are! I went down a long and challenging road to learn that what the world says is good and beautiful, is detrimental and gut wrenching. Don’t fall for it!!

Be classy.

Be treasured.

Be beautiful.

Stand up and honor your Creator by honoring yourself and others.

Finding Grace

{If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking – David Crowder}
This morning’s reading in ODB (Our Daily Bread) said, “God desires that we deal ‘graciously’ (Ps. 112:5) with those in need, for His heart is gracious toward us.”
There are so many needs within our world that we know, poverty, illnesses, homelessness, but what about those that we don’t know.
What about your neighbor who yells at your kids to stay off her lawn? What about your friend who cuts off communication and you don’t know why? What about the sister who hides behind that smile?
I read today’s Daily Bread and recognized the hidden problems of those in need. We have neighbors, friends, and family who could be experiencing great pain from things that are happening or have had happen in their lives. They are in need of comfort, prayer, and a listening ear.
No matter how those that are hurting treat you, with a fake grin or even anger, deal graciously!!!! You have no idea what they are dealing with and they just need that ocean of grace to cover them. Happy Friday my friends! Oh how He loves us!!!!💙


Forgiveness, what does that mean?

What does forgiveness look like?

Who truly forgives?

When I think about forgiveness, I have to ask myself, “Do I forgive?” I mean of course I say the words but do my actions follow through with what I have said?! As much as the person that has wronged me needs to make sure their actions/words are pure, I need to make sure that mine are as well.

Forgiveness doesn’t change the circumstance and doesn’t erase the pain and choices that have come with the actions. Forgiveness frees me, and the person that has wronged me, from the chains that have come with the circumstance.

What does forgiveness look like? Forgiveness looks like Jesus. Jesus died for me/you on that cross and forgave me/you of our sins and that is what true forgiveness looks like. Now, am I Jesus?! Of course not! I am a human, filled with sin, who fails constantly at life but am trying to learn from Him daily so my forgiveness will not look perfect.

So how do I do this forgiveness thing? Some things that I have learned forgiveness not to look like is where I can start.
-Forgiveness does not rear up in anger whenever it feels like it.
-Forgiveness does not give the silent treatment.
-Forgiveness does not keep a mental record of wrongs to bring up for another time.
-Forgiveness does not make verbal or physical jabs.
-Forgiveness does not keep emphasizing the weight of the situation over and over again.
-Forgiveness does not slander the other in public.

So how do we do this forgiveness thing? Some things that I have learned forgiveness to look like are where I can end.
-Forgiveness means to pray for those that have hurt you.
-Forgiveness means to help the other with whatever struggle they might have wronged you in.
-Forgiveness means to encourage them.
-Forgiveness means to protect the situation from future harm. Not by building walls but by believing that God, who began a good work in you and in them, will be faithful to complete it. Trust Him while creating boundaries but not walls.
-Forgiveness means to love them as God has first loved us.

Forgiveness- spread the wealth!

Matthew West – Forgiveness (Official Lyric Video) from matthew-west on GodTube.