Embracing your role

There are days as moms that we can sometimes feel lost, unequipped, weak, or insecure. I totally can sympathize because I have those days as well. I have moments where I can look into their sweet faces and say ,”Are you sure I am your mom? Are you sure I am supposed to be here? Did someone forget to give me instructions?”.

I don’t know how many times I think I have scarred them for life or done them a disservice with a stupid choice I have made or word I have said. It is easy to look at my close friends and think what a perfect job they are doing with their children who for sure will grow up well adjusted and President of the United States. To think with me as a mom, my children will go through years of therapy and then proceed to some network talk show where I will find out the “great” job I have done.

We have those days don’t we? We have those fears, wondering who and what our children will become. Those are thoughts of insecurity, self doubt, and fear and they are far from the truth. Yes, we make mistakes and yes, we are not perfect (Here is a secret: That lady that dresses her kids all matching without a hair out of place? She is not perfect either!) but God doesn’t make mistakes. Our God made you the mama of that child for a reason, whether you are the birth mom or the adoptive mom, and you are the exact person to love on them, teach them, comfort them, and be their number one fan.

Embrace who you are in Christ! Find strength in Him and comfort that He does not make mistakes. Enjoy your role as a mother with all it means. You will fail, but what matters most is how you finish the race and what legacy you will leave!

“Don’t live in the motherhood box of someone else’s gifts. Be the mom God made you to be.”- http://inspiredtoaction.com